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Welcome to my Web site, I trust you will find it useful. A brand new site is on the way ...

Repair Don't Replace!

Hello I am Jon Snell from Weymouth on the Jurassic Coastline of Dorset. My expertise is wide and varied in the electronics industry from motorcycle electrical repairs through domestic and commercial audio systems, high powered public address repairs, design and engineering to computer hardware/software/firmware repairs upgrades. Website supply and design is now offered as part of the service.


All spares have been exhausted and I have ceased repairs.

Audioromy FU29 Specialist Tube Amplifier repairs and servicing.

I hold stock of rY-29 (Dual Tetrode), ECC42 and E88CC (Dual Triodes) for the FU29

5U3G directly heated Power Rectifier (higher power rating than 5U4G)

Click to see list of valves

Valve (Tube) testing

Device under test is a KT88

 Testing and balancing is a service using my old, refurbished Weston Tube Tester ensuring complete compatibility of matched pairs and quads of EL84*, EL86*, EL34*, KT66, KT88, KT120, 6L6GC* and 5881's*

* = stock items.

I also am competent to issue certificates for Portable Appliance Testing which covers Kettles through HiFi to Workshop Bench Grinders, Electric Drills, Microwave Ovens/Coffee Grinders, Laptop Power Supplies and in fact anything that is portable and used anywhere in the home or at work, in a factory or a building site at 110/240Volts.

Data retrieval is another area of expertise that I command. Recovering a laptop/desktop computer from a virus contaminated hard drive is a specialty of mine. I have virus removal tools and recovery tools to hand, saving the owner of the machine a lot of time and money by not having to replace recovered data. I also am competent at upgrading hard drives and RAM without the problem of having to re-install all the extra software etc etc etc.

I am an Electronics Design and Repair Engineer with experience from Acorn Valves, Bees Wax Condensers and wooden 'live chassis' Radio and Televisions through MosFet and Bipolar Transistors to the latest technology in Ball Gate Array Large Scale Integrated components and computer repairs. I have a sound Mechanical background and when an apprentice at the AUWE part of my training was tool making. I built my first Valve Audio Amplifier using EF86 pre-Amplifier, ECC83 Phase Splitter, 807 driver valves and 813 type 'Carbon Anode' type output valves, which are quite spectacular when they are over driven. I wound my own transformers and choke back in 1966. I design an array of different items depending on what has been requested by any client with a challenge for me.


I enjoy a challenge when it comes to designing an Electronic Control Device such as the Clay Pigeon Machine firing system that I designed and patented back in the early 80's. It consists of a sensor that can determine the difference between the gunman's shout of "Pull", that fires the when say, a helicopter flying overhead making lots of noise but the machine does not fire the clay as the electronics differentiates between the required sound and just noise.


I also enjoy and can fault find and repair complicated Switch Mode Power Supplies without a Schematic. Bose Electronics produce a rather nice portable PA System that I was asked to have a look at. Armed only with my Fluke Digital Volt Meter, Hameg 200Mhz Oscilloscope and my experience, I fault found the Switch Mode Power Supply with Controller and repaired the unit saving the trouble of boxing the complete unit up and as there apparently is no repair centre in the UK, sending the whole item away on a 70mile round trip with a wait of up to 3 weeks whilst it is sent away to a service hub. Not too good for a working musicians only PA System!

I have access to specific spare parts from manufacturers through my many years of contact with them.

New technology is exciting and very useful even though one can purchase an awful lot of pencils for the price of a decent Laptop Computer with Internet Connection.

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