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The Snell 807 stereo all valve Power Amplifier.
All transformers were manufactured to my specification in England and I used valves from the Ukraine as they are reliable and exceed the original specifications.
Using a 6SL7 as pre amp/pre driver. 6SN7 driver and phase splitter with a matched pair of 807 output valves in Ultra Linear Mode, giving good response from 15HZ to 22kHZ.
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The output is rated at 30Watts into any speaker impedance from 3 to 15Ω (or 4 to 16Ω if you use the new measurements). Negative feedback keeps the levels of noise to an absolute minimum and achieves a good response throughout the whole frequency range in use.
Both VU meters are illuminated and give a measurement of output power relative to the speaker impedance.
Mains input 230Volts 235Watts both channels, fully driven.
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This is my pre amplifier designed to compliment the Snell 807 power amplifier.
Employing an EF86 RIAA equalising stage, for phono use, a 6AX7 Baxandel tone control stage giving + - 16dB lift and cut in treble and bass control. Phono or three other stereo inputs are selectable with illumination on the inputs selected.

The mains transformer was designed me and wound in Parkstone, Dorset specifically for my Type 2 pre amp.
All built on a substantial aluminium chassis with vertical turrets that make the design fit in with many schemes.
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Inputs are selected with the rotary front facing switch.

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