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The DAD-M100pro Flying Mole Audiophile Mono-Block Amplifier.

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The FU29's underside and PCBoards, showing the adjustment points for the bias set up and valve bases on the GU-29 Double Tetrodes.

Nicely laid out and easily repairable in my work shop. A complete set of valves are stocked here for sale or refurbishment use.

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The Bose Class D Amplifier that had the faulty Power Supply.

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I can fix most things ...

This burn up on a Peavey Power Driver Board, took a little longer!

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Carlsbro CP1000 with a slight problem!

I will repair it even though there is no information on this Professional Amplifier. Being a standard MOS Fet power amplifier, it won't be much of a problem to repair. There are a couple of short circuit diodes to be replaced firstly and then I shall replace the damaged copper track checking the output FETs before powering the unit up again.

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Looks like a Fender amplifier chassis. This is before the Hot Rod Mod was done. There is no feedback loop!

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That is where the burnt resistor is and that is a hand wired Ampeg ReverbeRocket that is now repaired and back in service. The circuit schematic is still attached to the inside of the rear cover, after all this time!

It was manufactured in 1961 and is still going with that lovely warm sound enhanced with a  the Hammond Reverb Unit that is fitted, from new.

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The schematic for the amplifier. Saves a bit of time when repairing.

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Allen and Heath 24 channel Desk repaired.

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A very useful diagram of the gear box on my 1965 1000cc XLCH with a few notes if it is too modern.

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An Ode to the Humble Core Plug.

Oh core plug, Oh core plug, why such a fuss?

It was just one cold night, now I'll have to catch the bus.

Oh core plug, Oh core plug, poor you in that frost,

I'll have to replace you, and Oh what a cost.

Oh core plug, Oh core plug, if it wasn't for you,

I would not be standing, within this bus queue.

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Buells and Jenna with her new toy (to chomp on).

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