Web site updated 3rd March 2018

Price guide ...

Flying Mole DAD-M100pro. Repairs  have sadly ended.

Spares are now gone!

Virus cleansing, laptop or desktop, from *25.00

Data recovery, laptop or desktop Hard Drive (**120Gb), from *40.00 - **1Tb *85.00 **2Tb *110.00

Hard Drive Cloning (from 20.00) which means an upgrade without the grief of re-installing all of those programmes and files!

Web Site Design ... average cost is 120.00 for basic designs or from 180.00 for extras, please ask.

Please enquire for more details.

* Assuming the hard drive is not physically damaged.

** A general ball park figure on a 120Gb sized Drive.

Please be aware that Data can be damaged or written over and sometimes not recoverable.