The Valve Amplifier Repair & Restoration Specialist ... Respectful Restorations & Condenser re-stuffing service

Multi-can Capacitor (Condenser) re stuffing service for older vintage multi cap cans. Keep that original look.
I remove the old leaky/faulty stuffing and fit new modern capacitors. Refit the base where available.
Please contact me for pricing and quantity costings for the trade.
Click Condensers for inquiries or to send a message. Thank you
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Place the old stuffing to one side.
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Pull the old stuffing from the can.
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Remove the base and mounting ring.
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Firstly remove the old can from the PCBoard.
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After cleaning the can, replacing the capacitors and potting the new capacitors, allowing for the air vents, the item is ready for testing and replacing in the Dansette Record Player.

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