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I will attach some photos but the meter I use has an Organic Display and my camera has trouble with flicker.
What we do is lift the 250R resistor on pin 3 of the EZ80 and place a 1M 1W resistor in series. With only the EZ80 fitted and as there is no bleed resistor we turn it on and wait for the voltage across the 1M to drop to less than 50volts. 1M with 80volts across it is 800uA leakage.
Then if all goes well we use a 100k 1W resistor and wait until the voltage reads less than 25v = 250uA leakage.
If it gets that low then the main smoothing has almost reformed and will probably not need replacing. Any more than 50volts and it will require more time to try and recover.
If 300volts was applied to an old electrolytic, it is likely to get hot spots inside, as there will be no current control and likely to be damaged.
If all does not go well with the capacitor can reforming, I usually remove the insides and replace it with three capacitors internally with lead outs at the top and then re pot it.
That keeps it original looking.

But so far so good!

The leakage has settled at 18volts across a 100k = 180uA very respectable.
I will leave it soaking now for a couple of hours and check again before the next stage,
replacing the other two electrolytics and checking the resistors before testing the EF86, EL84 and EZ80 on my Avo VC160 valve emissions tester.

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After 4 hours of gentle voltage and current monitoring, the leakage is now less than 28uA so I am happy with that result and the capacitor is reformed.

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Almost there and ready to test.

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Sally the Selmer is now completed and ready for return to her owner.

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