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Here we have a dead Ferguson 236A Table Top Wireless Set from around 1950 in for repair. We must not disturb the chassis connections or we will open up a large can of worms for the future.
A nice challenge.

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And what have we here … A Decca Beau, circa 1938 in need of attention. My client states it makes horrible noises and won't work.
More details here

BBC/Sound Sales Amplifier restored
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Let's take a look …………

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A recently, built from scratch in my workshop, Paxolin circuit board with new modern components fitted that made the KT66 powered BBC Amplifier run nicely again.
Schematic to be found, in link below;

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Previous unsuccessful repairs made a number of years ago by unknown personell …

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After restoration
That's better, new turret boards and components.

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The Watkins Westminster Combo amplifier sounding proud after a total refurbishment of the electronics. New components, where needed including main smoothing capacitors that were about to explode their innards into the surrounding chassis and matched ECL82 output valves.
Schematic: here

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A re stuffed multi cap fitted and tested in a Dansette Major.

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Above is the original looking re stuffed multi capacitor that I have fitted to the amplifier chassis. The cost is around £21 including return postage to UK mainland. Please enquire for more information.

Thank you

I have the facility to accept the complete Dansette Record Player if you do not wish to remove the amplifier. Please add a further £12 to cover extra time required and the extra postage.
All models of Dansette are catered for.
More information … please click

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Dansette Monarch schematic may be found

I design and build bespoke amplifiers, for both HiFi and instruments.

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Schematics here

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The 66 now has a little brother the Double Six. Utilising a pair of EL84 output valves that give you a choice of power ratings from about 15Watts down to 1Watt for studio/home use.
There is no case around the amplifier as it is designed to not only sound but look the part and still built and tested in the UK with locally sourced components by one of the best engineers in the business.
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Manufacturing, Repairs to most makes, Restorations and Refurbishing … The impossible is a pleasure but miracles may take a bit longer.

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The inside bits …..
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The amazing 400 bass amplifier.

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