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The Snell 807 Amplifier

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Hard at work driving my speakers … see the Bright Emitter Full Wave Rectifier Valve in the middle. Supplying plenty of power for the amplifier to run at full power for as long as required.

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Top view of the Snell 807 using 6SL7 pre driver, 6SN7 phase splitter, 5U3 rectifier and 807 output valves.

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As usual in my designs, I use nested feedback loops. The result is, minimum of audible distortions. The amp, as the result, sounds sweet, "tubey", airy but can reproduce an orchestra as clean and transparent as more powerful solid state amplifiers do, and can drive even 3-way speakers with complex crossovers, that usually require very powerful SS amps. Outputs are binding posts for 4, 8, or 16 Ohm speakers. Input sensitivity is 775mV for full power, so when using with modern music sources you do not need any preamp.

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