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Part of our heritage; The Mullard 400a (Philips 400a and 500a), in for a bit of TLC.

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I shall wave my magic wand and see what I can do with her. At present the problem is she doesn't know the words. (Serious hum).

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Unskilled personnel alert! Someone has been playing around trying to cut corners. Fairly recently I should think. Guessing on the type of capacitor that is dated 1972.

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After the initial work.

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Correct value components and correctly mounted

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Nothing else was required as the capacitors that are in pitch have less leakage than modern day ones of the same value. Radio 5 live is all I can receive here as I live on the side of a hill facing the wrong way for decent Radio Reception. Impressive for a 1956 Wireless Set.

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Scrubbed up well!

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