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Just been delivered for refurbishing this lovely old V-125.

Not too often does a truly bit of English heritage turn up for repair.
This will be interesting to refurbish. Dates back to circa 1973. The electrolytics have date codes 7323 meaning 23rd week of 1973.
After removing the chassis from the case, I evicted the wildlife, spiders and their webs. They now have a new home eating any flies in my workshop, so they will be hungry!
There are four EL34s made by Mullard and as these amplifiers run quite cold, I wouldn't be surprised if they were all reading good on my AVO VT163 valve tester and µ reader.
There are two ECC83s missing, probably were Mullard and sold on fleabay at an extortionate price I shouldn't wonder.
There is a fault description of, "Clicks and bangs" which could mean anything at this point.

To be continued as I progress. Thank you for your interest.
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I have got my work cut out estimating for the repair before making everything safe and top performance.

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Day 2

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