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Under the Goodmans Axium 15Ω speaker was the driver board. It had a minor issue … it was faulty! Replacing the 40407 driver transistor and all dried up capacitors, affected a cure. Lovely sound and it uses a novel idea at the time, positive feedback on the amplifier;- when the speaker draws more current, as it is not so efficient at odd frequencies, the amplifier detects the extra current and adds a fraction more drive, equalising the linearity of the overall sound.
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I do like a challenge. This VOX AC30 BASS is dated 1991 and I fully refurnished the amplifier after much time spent sourcing spares of the correct type, size and specification. Luckily I had most items in stock.
It has now a new power supply 5AR4 valve, a quad balanced set of EL84s from Svetlana and a lot of care and attention. New Volume control and panel lamp. Sounds wonderful again.
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